I'm Adrian Voss, a vegan artist, author and teacher.
 After living and studying overseas, I returned to the U.S. to teach refugees. Later, I settled in Colorado and became a mother. I hold degrees in English, Media Studies, Metaphysical Science, and run a small tutoring business. Writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, painting and caring for my little one fill my days with inspiration and adventure from moment to moment. Underlying themes in my work include societal dynamics, metaphysics, spirituality, meditation, nature, animal ethics, speciesism, connection, and other worlds. My work aims to bring attention to unconventional spaces.

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A picture book now available on Amazon:

Visit: Vine Leaves Press to read Precognitive Dream #858

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Visit: Poet's Choice to read the print edition of Outside the Rewind and (M)other

Visit:365 Tomorrows to read The End of the Hourglass

Visit: Lit vegan to read Deeper Than Thought and A Carnivore Awakening

Visit:  Vine Leaves Press to read Pink Hat #387

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The paintings below explore vibrations and energy in connection to universal consciousness.

Some things are Invisible




Infinity Machine



There is a bird's nest in another world too



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